The book "Factory part one" was written as a part of my diploma. Is includes a story and some photos of my artworks. It has 65 pages that I designed myself. Now it is for sale, and because it was not published, the price includes only the costs of printing, I get nothing from it. 
Price: 150 PLN / 35 EUR 
Written in polish
Enjoy the plot:
Suddenly, the platform bursts with red light, and after a moment, it begins to move upward at high speed, forcing the men to grab onto protruding handles on its surface to avoid losing balance. Eventually, the drifting circle comes to a halt, and hidden doors open just in front of the workers. A small halogen light placed on the wall by the doors changes color from red to white, allowing the men to leave the platform without obstacles. Exiting through the shaft, they find themselves in a narrow, vertical corridor with walls covered in mirrored sheet metal. After traversing the corridor, they enter an elevator that transports them across numerous extensive underground levels.
They disembark on the minus one floor, where they remove their visors, revealing their pale faces. The first man has a thick, dark beard and beer-colored eyes. He looks visibly tired after a full day of work, with a round and slightly chubby face. The second man has a narrow face, sparse facial hair, and green eyes. Both are of similar stature – tall and well-built. The men take off their thick suits and reach for the water bottles prepared for them, then settle into chairs arranged in the corridor. The room they are in resembles a hospital waiting area, but they don't mind making themselves comfortable and enjoying their leisure.
The bearded man wipes sweat from his forehead with a massive hand. 
— Ah... — he sighs. — In a week, we'll be done with this job. 
The green-eyed man laughs. 
— What's next? — the bearded one contemplates. — What will you do with yourself? 
— Me? Hmm... I have some plans. Maybe I'll go somewhere... beyond the City... spend time in nature. 
— Not a bad plan. I'm not cut out for that. You understand? To that silence that prevails there. Here in the City, it's loud, something is always happening. I like it... the hustle and bustle. 
— So, what's your plan? 
— I'd like to open something... a pub, a bar. I'm planning some bigger business. I already have a place, albeit in a rough neighborhood, but the place itself is quite decent. 
— Ha! Nice! — the green-eyed man laughs. — When you open it, I'll be your first guest. 
— I have a few good recipes at home... from the old days. I'll be producing my own spirits. After work, I'd like to mix something up... maybe you'll drop by before heading into your nature retreat? — the bearded man squeezes the bottle with disdain. 
— I'll see... I still have a few things to take care of before leaving... 
The green-eyed man interrupts his sentence halfway and raises his head, furrowing his brows. A small sconce on the ceiling flashes red. The man realizes that the light can only be on in the case of a malfunction or simply because the door was not closed properly. He contemplates, but he doesn't remember leaving the room open when they left. 
— What the... 
After a moment, the room they are in begins to shake so strongly that the bottle placed on the floor topples and rolls towards the elevator. Both men stand at attention, and in that second, a loud alarm sound reverberates...
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